Nextwebhosting Microsoft® SQL Server 7.0 hosting solutions provide you with the most comprehensive, integrated platform for building and deploying data-driven applications for the business Internet. Each of our hosting plans delivers the utmost in performance, dependability, and security, coupled with flexible service-level agreements, affordable pricing, and outstanding technical support.

Microsoft SQL Server is the leading database for the Windows platform and is the reliable, scalable database for rapidly building Web solutions with ASP, T-SQL, ADO, RDS, and other database-related technologies. With a combined Web site and SQL Server hosting solution from Nextwebhosting , you can reduce the time and money required to bring e-commerce, business intelligence (data warehousing) and line-of-business applications to market, while ensuring that these applications have the scalability needed for the most demanding online environments.

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  Description SQL-Silver SQL-Gold SQL-Platinum
  Setup Fee (1) -- -- --
  Monthly Fee (quarterly) (2) $30.00 $45.00 $60.00
  Annual Fee $240.00 $360.00 $480.00
  Savings (3) $210.00 $315.00 $420.00
  Server Type Shared Shared Shared
  Disk Space (MB) 50 100 200
  DBO Privileges 1 account 1 account 1 account
  Unlimited User Connections Yes Yes Yes
  Unlimited Client Access Yes Yes Yes
  Unlimited Database Objects Yes Yes Yes
  ODBC DSN on Web Server Yes Yes Yes
  Daily Backup Yes Yes Yes
  Description SQL-Silver SQL-Gold SQL-Platinum
01. $16.95 setup fee applies only to all three-month term accounts.
      The setup fee is waived for all annually prepaid accounts.
02. WEB site hosting available for a minimum term of three months.
03. Savings between Quarterly and Annual billing payment option.
      (which is based on discounts and additional three months of service for free]
04. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, certified check or money order.

With our rock-solid hardware configurations, world-class data center, and support for Windows®2000 Server, you can be confident that your data is being delivered on the most advanced database hosting platform available on the Internet today.