Benefits of being a Nextwebhosting Reseller

For our hosted clients and casual resellers.

Order a second package, or recommend a friend who orders a package,
and you will receive the full discount, or a credit to your account of the discount amount.

For Professional Resellers

For Professional Resellers we offer two kinds of reseller options:

1) Direct Billed

    When you order a package, we bill you directly at the discounted reseller rate,
    and you bill your client accordingly as follows.

1a) Independent, fully featured packages

    For each new order, we will bill you our reseller price, and you bill your client
    directly in whatever manner you choose.

1b) Domain Pointer
    If you are the Webmaster for your client’s accounts, and if you are satisfied with a single username/password combination, then this might be the most cost effective program for you.
    The root folder for this web is built into your master account, therefore additional usernames/passwords are not provided.

As our client, we can help you maintain your clients needs confidentially by remaining invisible in the background.

We use unassociated names for our name servers, so your client will not be able to trace the "real" host through the “WhoIs Search Engines”. Furthermore, by coordinating with us, you may utilize your own Customized error pages such as "404 File not found", by uploading your own error-codes. With this profile, Nextwebhosting will stay behind the scenes, and provides technical support for your clients only through you.

2) Client Billed

    We bill your clients the full amount directly. In this case, Nextwebhosting will credit your account with the discounts for the new hosting package, and make these funds available to you, either to use for your own website costs, or, released to you after two months. (Due to major Credit card withholding policies.)
Large account transfers.

Click here for our very aggressive discount offer if you transfer 10 or more sites to Nextwebhosting.