Useful Programs & Services

Web Site Authoring

  • BBEdit
    If you are a Mac user who codes your own HTML, then BBEdit is the ultimate tool for you. Its multi-file search and replace capabilities are extraordinary.
  • Web Site Garage
    After you create your Web site, tune it up with the Web Site Garage. Useful service will test browser compatibility, load times, dead links, link popularity, spelling, and HTML validation.

File Transfer

  • WS_FTP Pro
    For transferring files to or from our servers, we recommend using an excellent program for Windows called WS_FTP Professional.
  • Fetch
    For the Mac, we recommend using Fetch.


  • Eudora
    Eudora Light is a Freeware mail client for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Graphics Programs

  • Adobe Photoshop
    The ultimate graphics program used by nearly all graphic designers and a recommended tool for anyone serious about Web design.
  • Corel Draw
    A complete suite of powerful graphics applications and supporting utilities.

Graphics Utilities

  • Ulead WebRazor
    A set of indispensable graphic utilities including GIF Animator, Web Plugins for Photoshop, SmartSaver, Photo Explorer, Photo Viewer, and Screen capture.

Graphics / Clip Art / Stock Photography


  • MapEdit
    MapEdit is a WYSIWYG editor for imagemaps, available for Microsoft Windows and the X Window System. Use Mapedit to generate, or convert to, NCSA, CERN, or client-side map files.


  • Adobe Acrobat
    Create files users can view, navigate, and print across all major computing platforms. Distribute marketing documents electronically to be viewed and printed anywhere - exactly as created.
  • Macromedia Shockwave/Flash
    Make your Web site come alive with games, animated interfaces, interactive ads and demos, streaming CD-quality audio for music and speech, instructional and educational presentations.