Cart32 has been a miracle for us! Ease of setup and integration, quick and powerful and excellent support make this product the best of it's kind. Get it today!
--Phil Beazley, FutureSights


  • 32-bit CGI program for Windows 95; 98; NT; 2000
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Integrates well with FrontPage 98
  • Windows & Web Browser Administration Program
  • Fast CGI Execution
  • Cart holds item name, part number, quantity, price, shipping, tax, weight and custom options
  • Item price, part number, shipping, weight and tax adjustable based on an option
  • Add multiple items at one time
  • Accepts both billing and shipping addresses
  • Validates credit card numbers
  • Flexible tax options including tax rates for each state or country and flat tax support
  • Flexible shipping options including shipping by weight, total cost, number of items and more
  • Supports SSL Security
  • Works with multiple domains
  • Customize shopping cart tables, fonts, colors and images using the Cart32 Admin
  • Further customize shopping cart output using HTML Templates files
  • Customize the e-mail messages sent to the client and to the customer
  • Translate Cart32 output to work in different languages
  • Orders are written to Cart32's own database for viewing in the Cart32 Administration
  • Logging - Activity Log, E-mail Log and CyberCash Log(Cart32+)
  • Export orders into tab or comma delimited files for importing into database or spreadsheet applications
  • Run an external CGI application and pass it parameters from the order. Works well for automatically updating files or databases
  • Run an external command line program or batch file and pass it parameters from the order. Also works well for automatically updating files or databases.

Payment Processors Support By Cart32

 Access Point
 Bank of America
 Blue Pay
 DPI Merchant Services
 LinkPoint API
 LinkPoint HTML
 Nobel Pay
PC Charge
Quick Commerce v3.0
Signio Payflow Pro (v2)
Skipjack IC
The Processing Network
TotalPay v4.5
USA ePay
Verisign Payflow Link
Verisign Payflow Pro (v3)
Virtual Money