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Nextwebhosting’s Automated Reseller Program

Nextwebhosting is committed to making all of our Services and Programs as easy and as trouble free as possible. That is why we have automated our Reseller program. Becoming a reseller is as easy as doing absolutely NOTHING.

What must you need to do to become a Nextwebhosting Reseller?

N O T H I N G ! ! !

Many of our competitors have convoluted, weighted and scaled Reseller incentive and discount programs. We believe this is nonsense. Our program is immediate, automatic, and simple.

Simply sign up today for one of our Silver (or higher) annually billed hosting packages, and you will have become a reseller.

From then on, anytime you initiate, (or, recommend a new client who initiates), a new transaction with Nextwebhosting for additional domains or domain pointers, you will receive the full reseller discount, or the discount amount, as a credit to you, immediately.

There are no other requirements to achieve full benefits. In effect, you pay full price for your first package only.

To whom does this apply?

Our program will be of interest to webmasters, web designers, small web hosting companies, and any individual or company with more than one website hosted by Nextwebhosting.

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