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Network and Facilities

Nextwebhosting’s state-of-the Server Facility, is housed in a modern class “A” office building featuring state of the art security systems, computerized building automation control systems for HVAC, as well as emergency power generation etc. In this way, Nextwebhosting provides you with the comfort security, reliability and flexibility required to ensure a minimum of Downtime.

Because reliability of performance is top priority, Nextwebhosting's service offerings are built around durable IBM server platforms utilizing Windows NT/2000, Windows 2000 operating systems to provide the reliability, performance and scalability required to maintain your critical Internet operations. All of our equipment is selected from leading manufacturers like Ascend, Cisco, and IBM to guarantee the quality of our services.

Whether you choose Nextwebhosting to host your Web site or to outsource your entire infrastructure needs, our dependable network is strategically engineered to fulfill our mandate of providing quality Internet operations. Nextwebhosting relies on Bell Nexxia, Cisco, Foundry Networks, Nokia, and Netscreen solutions to maintain its high-quality network infrastructure. These include multiple Cisco 12000, 7500, and 7200 series routers and Foundry Networks BigIron 4000 routers; plus Cisco and Foundry switches, firewalls, and load-balancing tools. Nextwebhosting's Cisco Certified Powered Network gives customers room to grow, capable administration tools, reliable performance, and responsive 24-hour, 7-day customer service.

Security Management

Nextwebhosting partnered with a variety of network security specialists to ensure the safest transmissions of your confidential and sensitive communications over our network. Through our partners we provide the vigilance and technology needed to avoid interruptions in service as a result of malicious actions from external parties, viruses, and other high or low grade system attacks.

We are more than just a hosting provider, Nextwebhosting offers hosting solutions!