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Nextwebhosting Dedicated Server Hosting
Nextwebhosting is the leader in providing outsourced dedicated web servers for organizations with high-performance, high-bandwidth Web presence requirements.

Powerful, secure and scalable
You do not share your server with any other web sites - meaning 100% of the server resources are devoted to your sites. You have complete administrative control over your server through root access; you control who has access to the server. By outsourcing your web presence to Nextwebhosting, you gain instant scalability at a fraction of the cost of hosting in-house.

VMware technology
allows you to completely manage your server even turn on, off or hard reboot. We can upgrade your configuration (hard drive size, add more hard drives, add more CPUs) without shutting the server down.  

Build on our experience and expertise
You control the content and administration of the server while we provide you with the robust network, hardware and software required for your web presence deployment. At Nextwebhosting you have a partner with many years of experience and expertise in managing high-performance and high-availability web hosting environments.

Build your own Server
With Nextwebhosting, you can custom design your dedicated server exactly according to your needs and receive an instant price quote. You can add and drop options as you wish. It's your dedicated server...it shouldn't be any other way.
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