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The experts have been telling you for years. Businesses make money from their core business activity. They do not make money from the support activities surrounding their business. By outsourcing some of those functions, more time and effort can be spent on profitable core business activities.

Nextwebhosting takes the gamble out of outsourcing by providing crucial support to our customers sites. Our support staff provides 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year support operation in our data centers to maintain servers that host our client’s critical sites and services, and the network infrastructure that supplies their backend connectivity.

Email and telephone support is there when you need it around the clock.

For the service and support you must have, at the time that you most need it.

1) Pre-Sales Questions
Our Pre-Sales Questions page will give potential clients a good understanding of Nextwebhosting and our offered services.
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2) Getting Started
A walk through of the process of getting your website online. Essential reading for new customers, this page is designed to provide simplicity and accuracy to anyone new to website set-up.
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3) Frequently Asked Questions
This page provides a glossary of terms and essential information about a wide variety of web related topics. We recommend this page as a starting point for infrequent users.
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4) Online Support
Online Support picks up where the FAQ section leaves off.
Look here for more detailed descriptions and information.
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5) Support Request
If the Online Support section did not resolve your problem, the Support Request option is your next step. Simply log in to the support request page, fill out the electronic form, and our support staff will address
your concerns.
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